I was an active member of student leadership organizations for all of my four years at Penn State, lastly serving as the Director of Finance on the executive board of The UPUA, and that experience is extremely valuable to me. After reading the mission of the scholarship this organization is creating, I very much want to be a part of it. I believe helping students in financial need that are also giving back the the university community is a great purpose for a scholarship.

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    The Penn State Leadership Association supports student leaders at The Pennsylvania State University, provides mentorship opportunities, fosters fellowship among alumni, and encourages an ethos of lifelong University community leadership and service. The PSLA connects alumni, particularly past presidents and executive board members, of campus groups including student governance bodies, student organizations, and student societies.

    If you are a current member or an alumnus of a Penn State student leadership position interested in becoming an individual member, join now. If you are a student leader who is interested in your organization becoming an affiliate organizational member, contact Gavin Keirans.



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