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Scholarships for Student Leaders: The Inaugural Student Trustee Scholarship Fundraiser

On March 12th, 60+ current and former student leaders gathered in State College to support the Penn State Leadership Association's (PSLA) 1st Annual Student Trustee Scholarship Fundraiser. Proceeds from the event supported the first ever alumni-created scholarship, which benefits students who make an impact through campus leadership. Fundraiser attendees spanned more than ten years of student governance at Penn State, including representation from current student leaders in the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG), the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA). Key university administrators and supporters, such as Paul Clifford the CEO of the Alumni Association, were in attendance.  In addition to raising funds for this important cause, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about PSLA including organizational goals, committee focus areas and membership opportunities.  We are energized by the generosity of the many supporters of our inaugural event and eagerly look toward the future as our organization expands to support many more Penn State student leaders!

Restoring the ROAR

A primary focus of the Penn State Leadership Association is connecting (and reconnecting) with former and current students leaders. What better way to do that than over a Penn State football game? Thanksgiving weekend, we hosted our first game watch party at a Philly favorite, the Field House. Unfortunately the outcome of the game was not too positive, but our event was certainly a success! Over 20 alumni from the classes of 2008 to 2015 were in attendance. It was a great way for former student leaders from groups like UPUA, CCSG, THON, IFC/Panhellenic and Homecoming, to catch up and of course reminisce. Members of the PSLA Board shared how the organization is supporting current student leaders through things like the mentorship program and Penn State Leadership Scholarship. This event was a great way to continue to share our vision for the future of the organization, engage new alumni and build momentum. We will certainly host more events like this in other cities over the upcoming year to continue to engage individuals from a wide range of classes and campus groups. We’d love for you to join us next time!

Laying the Cornerstone

While the campus has evolved over the decades, from the establishment of the Bryce Jordan Center in the early 1990s to the construction of the Millennium Science complex in 2011, one structure has always remained home for students -- the HUB. Every Penn Stater has passed through its doors and nearly all of the university’s student organizations fall under its roof. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that on a cold April morning, the Penn State Leadership Association (“PSLA”) held its inaugural meeting at the center of student life. As former student leaders we understand the challenges of balancing management responsibilities while earning a degree. Our aim is to ease the hardships we encountered through financial assistance, career networking and the cultivation of a community that encourages lifelong leadership and service to our alma mater. At the meeting, the organization established five committees meant to structure our interactions for years to come: Job & Life Mentor Program Trustee Scholarship & Fundraising Administration & Recruiting University Outreach Social & Event Planning Each will serve their role in promoting the importance of student leadership throughout the university. We look forward to the investments we can make in our current and future campus leaders and we gladly welcome alumni, young or old, to join us!

Creating a Trustee Scholarship for Student Leaders

For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students has already become an historic part of Penn State’s history of philanthropy—more than $2 billion has been contributed toward making life better for current and future students. As part of the For the Future campaign, I'm thrilled to share that the Penn State Leadership Association is pledging to raise $70,000 to establish the Penn State Leadership AIG Trustee Scholarship to benefit University Park Undergraduate Association students. In the 2014-15 academic year, the first of our multi-year pledge, $5,000 will be available in scholarship funds for student members of the University Park Undergraduate Association with financial need. Once complete, through the generous trustee matching program, the PSLA Trustee Scholarship will generate more than $10,000 annually available to students. This is the first-ever alumni-created scholarship benefitting the students who make an impact through campus leadership. It’s an historic opportunity to support both Penn State students and the culture of student leadership that has enriched the lives of so many young people over many generations. Give Now:

Introducing the Penn State Leadership Association

I'm thrilled to announce the formation of the Penn State Leadership Association Alumni Interest Group, a Penn State Alumni Association affiliate. It's been a goal for many years to bring together student leaders after their time on campus as students has come to a close. While it's true that the specific names and focuses of student government and other leadership groups change over the years and decades, the constant theme that connects alumni from all student leadership backgrounds is service to Penn State. I hope the Penn State Leadership Association can help many generations of alumni come together to continue that tradition of lifelong community leadership and service. If you haven't already, please check out our vision and mission, and learn about our initial goals including our pledge to create the Penn State Leadership AIG Trustee Scholarship, a transformative scholarship opportunity. We're excited to get to work. The Penn State Leadership Association supports student leaders at The Pennsylvania State University, provides mentorship opportunities, fosters fellowship among alumni, and encourages an ethos of lifelong University community leadership and service. The PSLA connects alumni, particularly past presidents and executive board members, of campus groups including student governance bodies, student organizations, and student societies. As an affiliate of the Penn State Alumni Association, the PSLA promotes cross-generational activities and relationships as a way to build up the University for the future.