The Penn State Leadership Association (PSLA) Alumni Interest Group is designed to be an advocacy, mentorship, and support association for Penn State student leaders across a diversity of causes and organizations. It is founded also as a donation and developmental organization to assist student leadership. In this way, the PSLA blends the concept of alumni society with an active and helpful body of mentors and donors.


Mission Statement

The Penn State Leadership Association supports student leaders at The Pennsylvania State University, provides mentorship opportunities, fosters fellowship among alumni, and encourages an ethos of lifelong University community leadership and service. The PSLA connects alumni, particularly past presidents and executive board members, of campus groups including student governance bodies, student organizations, and student societies. As an affiliate of the Penn State Alumni Association, the PSLA promotes cross-generational activities and relationships as a way to build up the University for the future.

  • Fostering active relationships between students and alumni to strengthen the cross-generational culture of the University community.
  • Providing alumni of Penn State curricular and extracurricular organizations a means for fellowship across a range of activities.
  • Serving as a voice to Penn State student, faculty, and administrative bodies for comprehensive and holistic solutions for supporting student leadership endeavors and opportunities.
  • Advocating collaborative alumni development efforts to better support diverse student leadership endeavors.


Constitution & Bylaws

The Penn State Leadership Association’s Constitution & Bylaws were crafted in 2014. Access Constitution & Bylaws.


Board of Directors

The Penn State Leadership Association's Board of Directors is elected on a staggered basis with directors serving three year terms. The Board also invites at least one undergraduate student from the University Park Undergraduate Association to attend meetings in a non-voting capacity.



Our mission and related mentorship and service efforts are organized through our five organizational committees, which are: Career and Life Mentorship, Administration and Recruitment, University Outreach, Social and Event Planning, and Trustee Scholarship.