Introducing the Penn State Leadership Association


I'm thrilled to announce the formation of the Penn State Leadership Association Alumni Interest Group, a Penn State Alumni Association affiliate. It's been a goal for many years to bring together student leaders after their time on campus as students has come to a close.

While it's true that the specific names and focuses of student government and other leadership groups change over the years and decades, the constant theme that connects alumni from all student leadership backgrounds is service to Penn State. I hope the Penn State Leadership Association can help many generations of alumni come together to continue that tradition of lifelong community leadership and service.

If you haven't already, please check out our vision and mission, and learn about our initial goals including our pledge to create the Penn State Leadership AIG Trustee Scholarship, a transformative scholarship opportunity. We're excited to get to work.

The Penn State Leadership Association supports student leaders at The Pennsylvania State University, provides mentorship opportunities, fosters fellowship among alumni, and encourages an ethos of lifelong University community leadership and service. The PSLA connects alumni, particularly past presidents and executive board members, of campus groups including student governance bodies, student organizations, and student societies. As an affiliate of the Penn State Alumni Association, the PSLA promotes cross-generational activities and relationships as a way to build up the University for the future.