Creating a Trustee Scholarship for Student Leaders

For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students has already become an historic part of Penn State’s history of philanthropy—more than $2 billion has been contributed toward making life better for current and future students.

As part of the For the Future campaign, I'm thrilled to share that the Penn State Leadership Association is pledging to raise $70,000 to establish the Penn State Leadership AIG Trustee Scholarship to benefit University Park Undergraduate Association students.

In the 2014-15 academic year, the first of our multi-year pledge, $5,000 will be available in scholarship funds for student members of the University Park Undergraduate Association with financial need. Once complete, through the generous trustee matching program, the PSLA Trustee Scholarship will generate more than $10,000 annually available to students.

This is the first-ever alumni-created scholarship benefitting the students who make an impact through campus leadership. It’s an historic opportunity to support both Penn State students and the culture of student leadership that has enriched the lives of so many young people over many generations.

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